Rollo May, American psychologist. Photo of Rollo May from NNDB.

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e-Textbook From the electronic textbook created for undergraduate and graduate courses in Personality Theories by George Boeree of Shippensburg University.

Existential Therapy An overview of existential theory and therapy as practiced by Rollo May and Irvin Yalom. Contains quotes, movie recommendations, training, comparisons with the humanistic tradition, and more.

The Human Dilemma with Rollo May. Transcript from the video series Thinking Allowed: Conversations on the Leading Edge of Knowledge and Discovery with Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove.

Lecture Notes Lecture outline on the theories of Rollo May from Victor Daniels, Sonoma State University.

Rollo May Obituary. Dr. Rollo May, an innovative American psychologist and psychotherapist who was widely known through his writings, died on Saturday at his home in Tiburon, Calif. He was 85. From The New York Times, October 24, 1994.

Psychology and The Human Dilemma An outline of selected chapters of May's book.

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