Raymond Cattell, British-American psychologist. Licensed by Cattell Family under the Creative Commons via Wikimedia Commons

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Contributions John Gillis of St. Thomas University, California, maintains this site which highlights the major contributiosn of Raymond Cattell to personality. Includes, a biography, bibliography, tributes and quotes, awards and links.

Factors of the 16PFChimera Consulting provides this suscinct overview of Cattell's sixteen factors.

Interview With Raymond B. Cattell Cattell describes some of his controversial ideas on hereditary vs. environmentalism and personalty. Originally published in The Eugenics Bulletin, Spring-Summer 1984.

Lecture Notes by Chris VerWys, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Life and Contributions Historical influences, current controversies, and teaching resources (including sample syllabi) on intelligence can all be found on this site by Jonathan Plucker at Indiana University. Includes a section on the life and contributions of Raymond B. Cattell.

Memorial Pages The Cattell family has created this site in memorial to Raymond. Includes words of remembrance by Block, Eysenck, and others; a biography; photographs; background of his 1997 American Psychological Foundation Gold Medal Award for Lifetime Achievement in Psychological Science and the controversy which ensued; and more.

16PF Overview A description of high and low scorers on each of the 16 first-order factors and the 5 second-order factors.

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16PF Pearson Assessments, the publishers of the 16PF provide an extensive overview of the scale, including background and uses free on their website. They even have 3 full sample reports which would make useful case study examples for a class. The test itself, however, is available for a fee.

Lecture Notes

Lecture Notes by Chris VerWys, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

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Slide Presentation Lecture and lecture notes by Sandra K. Webster, Westminster College.

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