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Human Nature This multi-disciplinary site approaches questions of human nature is dedicated to the understanding of people as individuals, in groups, in institutions, in societies and as political and ideological beings.

Assignments, Exercises, and Activities

How the Grinch Stole Psychology Class After watching the 25 minute video of the classic Christmas story by Dr. Seuss, students analyze the Grinch’s personality and change of heart using theories and terms from personality including Freud, Adler, Horney, Maslow, and Rogers. A great end-of-the-semester review.

Electronic Texts

Personality Psychology: Havings, Doings, and Beings in Context Chapter 2: Personality Psychology: Havings, Doings, and Beings in Context by Brian R. Little, Carleton University and the Murray Research Center at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study of Harvard University. The online book The Many Faces of Psychological Research in the 21st Century edited by Jane S. Halonen & Stephen F. Davis and Published by the Society for the Teaching of Psychology (2001) provides a broad overview of what research agenda and approaches this new century calls for across many of psychology's subdisciplines.

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