Theorists and Topics in Personality Psychology

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Adler, AlfredAssessment
Allport, GordonAttachment Theory
Bandura, AlbertAuthoritarian Personality
Beck, Aaron TemkinBarnum Effect
Cattell, Raymond B.BAS and BIS
Ellis, AlbertBehaviorism
Erikson, ErikBrain Asymmetry
Eysenck, HansContinuity, Change, and Coherence
Frankl, ViktorCognition and Perception
Freud, AnnaCognitive Perspective
Freud, SigmundConditioning
Fromm, ErichCultural Influences on Personality
Horney, KarenEmotional Intelligence
Jung, Carl GustavEmotions
Kelly, GeorgeEthics
Klein, MelanieEvolutionary Perspectives on Personality
Maslow, AbrahamExistential Perspective
May, RolloField Dependence-Independence
Mischel, WalterFive Factor Model
Murray, Henry A.Gender and Gender Differences
Perls, FritzGender Identity and Transgenderism
Rank, OttoGenetics
Rogers, Carl RansomGestalt Psychology
Skinner, B. F.Happiness
 Humanistic Psychology
 Learned Helplessness
 Locus of Control
 Morningness-Eveningness --- Chronotypes
 Motives and Motivation
 Narrative Psychology and Psychobiography
 Personality Assessment
 Personality Development
 Personality Psychology
 Positive Psychology
 Psychobiography and Narrative Psychology
 Research Methods
 Self-Determination Theory
 Self-Efficacy Theory
 Sensation Seeking
 Sex Differences in Personality
 Sexual Identity and Sexual Orientation
 Social Learning Theory
 Testing and Personnel Selection
 Tests and Measurement
 Trait Theory

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