Fritz Perls, German psychologist. Fritz Perls by Unknown. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

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The Gestalt Therapy Network Includes digital forums for practitioners, students, and interested others; a directory of practitioners; and a comprehensive bibliography

Frederick Perls: A Sonís Reflections From the webpage: In celebration of the centennial of the birth of Frederick Perls, The Gestalt Journal invited his son Stephen, to address our Fifteenth Annual Conference on the Theory and Practice of Gestalt Therapy. Dr. Perls delivered this talk on the morning of April 23, 1993, at the Hotel du Parc in Montreal.

Awaken: Fritz Perls Presents an overview of Perlsí life and theory including links to articles and videos.

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Gestalt Therapy with Victor Daniels Shrink Rap Radio: A Psychology talk and Interview Show (Podcast; Show #21, January 14, 2006). Victor Daniels is Professor of Psychology and past chair at Sonoma State University. As editor of the online journal, Gestalt, and teacher of a Gestalt Therapy class (which he and I co-taught years ago), he is an expert on the state of Gestalt Therapy today.

Fritz Perls conducting Gestalt Therapy with Gloria From the classic film Three Approaches to Psychotherapy (1965), which featured the same woman Gloria experiencing psychotherapy with Carl Rogers, Fritz Perls, and Albert Ellis. This second part describes Gestalt therapy as practiced by Dr. Fritz Perls. (29 minutes, 30 seconds).

Fritz Perls Gestalt Segment Fritz Perls recites the Gestalt prayer. (Runs 8 minutes 16 seconds.)

Fritz Perls on Gestalt Therapy Fritz Perls speaks to students about Gestalt therapy, the self and spirit. (Runs 6 minutes 49 seconds.)

Fritz Perls: Spiritual Training Fritz Perls speaks about how to use your spiritual energy. (Runs 1 minute 18 seconds.)

Fritz Perls Treats People With Demons The video includes Fritz Perls treating a man with a psychosis and a women with grief from parent issues. (Runs 31 minutes, 29 seconds).

Fritz Perls Workshop Excerpt from a Fritz Perls workshop. Runs 1 minute 37 seconds.

Psychology Apps for the iPad/iPhone/iPod Michael Brit, former professor of psychology, produces a podcast about psychology called The Psych Files. In this episode (Episode 121) he shows --- using his iPad --- the 10 apps he considers to be the best for psychology, including credible therapy apps, mind mapping tools, relaxation apps, games based on Gestalt principles, and 3-D brain imaging apps.

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