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Brief Critique of testing and measurement issues.

Description of teaching styles, learning styles and motivational differences between these two types.

Field Independent-Dependent Learning Styles and L2 Acquisition Imagine you have just arrived in a foreign country whose language you neither speak nor read...What will you do? In this article from the ELT Newsletter, which is edited and produced by NetLearn Languages, the Online Language School (Article 102, June 2002) Robert Wyss discusses the personality variable of field independence-dependence, provides a brief checklist to measure it, and discusses how one style or the other affects second language learning.

How Field Dependence-Independence Affects Learners Terry Musser, Penn State University, wrote this extensive overview including an overview of field dependence-independence, how this personality variable affects learning, implications for assessment, and practical recommendations for educators.

The Effect of Attribute Emphasis in Photographic Illustrations on Concept Attainment by Learners having Varying Degrees of Field Dependence Richard S. Croft, Eastern Oregon University, wrote this slideshow in which he discusses a brief history of the concept of field dependence-independence, one way to measure it, and the implication of this personality variable for web designers.

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