Gender and Gender Differences: Debate Topics

1. Don't Marry a Career Woman. Michael Noer set off a controversy with his essay "Don't Marry Career Women" in Forbes Magazine on August 22, 2006. On August 23, Forbes pulled the original article and re-posted it along side a rebuttal by Elizabeth Corcoran "Don't Marry A Lazy Man". Both writers cite social science research to support their arguments. Many have made further comments on the topic, but there is plenty left for students to debate. Particularly contentious was the infamous slide show "Nine Reasons to Steer Clear of Career Women" You can read the original text of the slide show here and see the exact references for the research cited by Noir in the article. The original photos have been remixed into various parodies (for example), but the original slide show as it appeared does not exist anymore. However, you can get the idea for yourself by using these two links. Note: as this story develops these links may no longer be up to date.

2. Men and Women are More Similar than Different. Janet Hyde's research is a good place to start to consider whether when it comes to human personality, gender similarity or gender differences are the rule.

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