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1. Freudian Slips Doug Davis, Haverford College, shares these from his Foundations of Personality class.

2. John D. Mayer in his on-line instructor's Manual for Personality: A Systems Approach suggests the following videos with this warning: Careful Here, Please! Many or all of these clips contain potentially offensive language -- or may otherwise be offensive. Please use in class with care. Detroit Superbowl, Match Game.

3. A guy was working out in the gym with a female friend of his. After about 20 minutes of lifting weights together, he turned to her and asked "Shall we take a breast now?". He claims that he was trying to say "rest" or "break" and the two became blended as "breast".

4. A priest is reading from the Letters of Paul during the mass. He reads the passage this way: "Wives submit yourselves to your husbands. Husbands, leave your wives." (The passage is supposed to read "Husbands love your wives." )

5. Once I heard someone on the tv singing about how they didn't like candy corn and I said "How can anyone not like candy porn-I mean Candy corn!"

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